Privacy Policy

for the website of Lavender Holidays & Management Sdn Bhd

This page explains the privacy policy of Lavender Holidays & Management Sdn Bhd ("LHMSB") which includes the usage and protection of information provided by visitors. Should you perform a transaction or send an e-mail which includes your private information, this information may be shared with other public agencies in order for us to provide better and more effective services. For instance, like solving a complaint that requires feedback from other agencies.

Any personal information collected via this website will be solely for the purpose of performing and completing the services offered by LHMSB. All information collected are consentual. LHMSB WILL NOT disclose or share any of the collected personal information with other parties, except when such action is necessary to fulfill legal requirements or to complete the delivery of services provided by LHMSB.

This website may contain links to other websites. This privacy policy is applicable to this website only. Please be reminded that the websites pointed to from links in this website may have their own privacy policy that is different from ours. Visitors are advised to read and understand the privacy policy for each website respectively.

Should this privacy policy be ammended, the ammendment will be reflected in this page. By visiting this page often, you will be updated with information on how data is collected, the way it is used and in certain circumstances, how the data is shared with other parties.